Practice Report Policies

Beginning & Cadet Band

Practice Logs are designed to give credit to students for practicing at home and affect student’s grades positively. However, if the student does not turn their Practice Log in every two weeks, they will not earn the points, and this will affect their grade negatively.

  1. Practice Logs are due every SECOND MONDAY!
  2. If a student can’t practice every night…that’s ok, as long as they make up their minutes on another day.
  3. Students are able to determine what grade they earn based on how many minutes they want to practice per week.
  4. Practice Report Logs are turned in, graded and returned to the student.
  5. When Practice Log forms become full, Mr. Newton will issue a new one.

****Parents, DO NOT SIGN ANY FORM UNTIL YOUR CHILD HAS ALREADY COMPLETED THE PRACTICING. Unsigned logs will be returned, ungraded*****

Yes…This is partially based on the “Honor System” but Mr. Newton is able to tell in class who is or is not practice by the way the student plays…Honesty matters.

Intermediate & Symphonic Band

Intermediate and Symphonic Band levels are required to practice 20-30 minutes daily each night although practice reports are not kept and turned in. Instruments are not to be left in the band room overnight for any reason! At the end of each day, all students are expected to bring their instruments home, even if they have band the next day. This is a standard policy between all middle school bands.

Do not leave your instruments in the band room over night. This is not acceptable! If an instrument is left in the storage room, then practicing can’t take place. Beyond this, students are on the honor system to practice at home. Lack of practicing will affect their individual test scores. Mr. Newton will call home for instruments left in the band room. Students with after school activities must take their instruments to the classroom hosting the activity, because the band room may be closed. If your child has an extra instrument at home, or other arrangements, please let Mr. Newton know.

In an ensemble, such as a band, each student has the obligation to be prepared with their music or their lack of preparation will affect ALL players, not just themselves, and the QUALITY of what the audience. Just as parents may be expecting to check a student’s agenda, we are asking mom and dad to ensure each child practices their music each night. If some nights are not possible, please make up the time on another night. We do understand that some nights are tough, etc.