“I have been a parent of three children who have gone through the WSMS band program and have one more coming next year. The band program here at Warm Springs Middle School is second to none. I am a current teacher at Warm Springs Middle School and one of the major decision factors for our children to attend WSMS was the quality of the band program here. My children have all worked their way up and eventually were asked to join the symphonic band. We had a flute player, trumpet player, and percussion player. As you can imagine our house was filled with daily music. What a blessing and joy it was! The experience our children had in the band program definitely contributed to their growth and development, both on a social level and a personal level. I have seen one of my children; especially develop more self control and maturity by being a part of this program. I know that the dedication and commitment lessons learned by my children will be “Golden” for years to come. I believe that my children’s early exposure to music has promoted much self confidence and has given them an identity and something to be proud of. I have one High School daughter that now wishes to pursue a career in music. I recommend that all children at least try band, because they may discover a hidden talent they never knew they had that will bring their family closer together through the beautiful sounds of music.”

-Karin Morgan-Voyles WSMS Teacher/Parent

“I feel so fortunate that my son was in band at Warm Springs MS from 07-09. In this program he started many friendships that continue to this day at Vista Murrieta HS. He learned so much about music, teamwork, patience, discipline, honor….I could go on with so many more. These attributes served my son well at Warm Springs (especially in those difficult middle school years). It has been a wonderful journey, and my son has benefitted in so many ways. Not only has the experience fostered friendships and memories, the collaboration and “people building” involved will no doubt shape the trajectory of my son”s life forever. What more can a parent ask for?

I firmly believe that our district”s music program, particularly the path through Warm Springs and Vista Murrieta, is by far the most incredibly positive and rewarding thing a child in Murrieta can experience.

My recommendation—Get your kid in band!!!”

-Brent Weaver MVUSD Teacher/Parent

“The impact music has had on my children is remarkable. It has provided the means to build confidence in a once shy kid. It has created an environment where hard work is recognized and rewarded, and that kid goes to bed exhausted, yet highly satisfied. It has allowed for friendships to be formed that can last for life. More importantly, they have learned to become great teammates and productive members of society. . .and they create amazing music!”

-Scott Bird

“When my son was in fifth grade, he was just going through the motions, barely getting by. He didn”t have interests in sports or other activities and just liked playing video games on the weekend. I was really worried about how he would do in Middle School. A neighbor”s son had gone through the band program at WSMS and now at Vista, and we had my son meet with hers. He told my son his whole life changed when he joined band at WSMS, and that my son would be one of the smartest, coolest kids if he was in band. That was enough for him to try it (plus the possibility of one day playing at Disneyland)!
He has been in two years now and is a different kid. He made silver, then gold honor roll in and has just risen higher than we thought possible. I credit band for doing this for him, and the friends that he has made, being part of a group, something bigger than just being by himself!”

-Rachel Preijers

“We moved to Murrieta in the middle of my daughters fourth grade year. The adjustment to a new school was a struggle for her – socially and academically and lasted through the fifth grade. Her moving up to Middle school was a frightening thought for me at that point. When she asked if she could do band in the beginning of sixth grade, I was hesitant. I feared it would be another activity she would give up on and discourage her even more. I was so wrong! Last year (sixth grade) I watched my daughter transform and shine! I have never seen her take so much pride and commitment like she has with band. She has gained her self confidence, shows great commitment, has made some awesome friends through band and even graduated 6th grade on the Silver Honor Roll! The WSMS Band Program has given my daughter back her confidence, taught her to be courageous and showed her that she can achieve anything she wants – just takes a little practice!”

-Sharon Carini, Proud Parent

“I inspired my daughter to join band. When I was a child I was also in band. I played the clarinet from my middle school years all the way up through high school. My daughter admired seeing my band photos and video footage of me playing at football games and in parades so she decided she wanted to try herself. She originally wanted to play the trumpet but I persuaded her to play the clarinet since I already owned one. She started out playing last year at Pacific Beach Middle school in San Diego. I remember when she first started she couldn”t get a note out without squeaking. I became her coach at home everyday I would play notes for her and have her practice. Over a course of a year she got better. Even more so since she has been at Warm Springs. She is happy in band she has made many friends.”

-Elondra Schott

“We are so fortunate to have an amazing band program at Warm Springs Middle School. This band program are the main reasons my daughter (and now sons) want to stay at this school. My daughter is a junior in high school now and still talks about how much she enjoyed her time in band class. Without this program at Warm Springs, we probably would have had to pull her out of public school. Whenever someone asks me to give them a reason why they should send their children to Warm Springs, I tell them about band. We are forever grateful for this program and what it has done (and continues to do) for our children.”

-Helga Pray

“Confidence, friendships, service, discipline, opportunities for leadership, and, most importantly, the PURE JOY of creating something beautiful and uplifting in harmony with others – that is the incredible experience our children have had in the band! It is irreplaceable!! We are so thankful!!”

The Rawlins Family
In our 13th year of Band

“One of my most memorable moments of my daughter, Cian Ramirez, was when I came in for parent day at Warm Springs. On that day she played her twelve-or-nothing (12 Perfect Major Scales) in front of the whole class. The whole class applauded for her. She was so happy! That day will remain in hers and my heart for ever.”
-Jennifer Ramirez

“A shining light at Warm Springs is our band program. Every child that is in it, LOVES it and those that aren’t wish they did. I was lucky to have two children in the program which gave me more insight into the program.”

-Jenna McAllaster

“When I first signed up for band in middle school, I had no idea of where it would take me 7-8 years from now. As a college freshman majoring in Music Performance at the University of Redlands (pursuing a career in performing and teaching music), I can definitely say that joining middle school band has not only played a huge role in my pursuit of music, but has taught me life lessons that extend far beyond those classroom doors. As a middle schooler, I didn”t dream of playing music for the rest of my life, but I knew that my years in band have led to countless memories, life lessons, and friendships that I will never forget. Even if spending time to become a professional musician someday isn’t your cup of tea, joining band is an incredible experience I would not want anyone to miss out on, especially here at Warm Springs!”

– Kira Golombek, now a college graduate and member of our MVUSD music team!

“Music has taken me on a journey in life that I never could have expected when joining band in Middle School. I joined band in sixth grade only because a lot of my friends had joined band in elementary school and I wanted to be in band with them. I ended up loving music, practicing a lot and through the dedication that music requires, I was able to participate in honor bands, youth orchestras, and travel and perform around the United States and Europe. Now, I am attending college with a scholarship for music and will graduate in May of 2016 with a free education and a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance.“

-Brandon Bird

“The Warm Springs Middle School Band program helps provide a positive foundation that students can rely on for the rest of their lives. Regardless if the individual wishes to continue with music in high school, or if they want to put down their instrument and do bigger and better things, there is something everyone can take away from this organization. I”ve been in the Marine Corps for almost three years now, and have one deployment to Afghanistan under my belt; the life lessons and values that are taught at such a young age can be applied to anything, even 10,000 miles away in a combat zone. It was because of my positive experiences in the WSMS Band that led me to continue with music in high school, and ultimately led to my auditioning for the Marine Corps music program.”

-Corporal Joshua Rice, Saxophonist, 1st Marine Division Band, Camp Pendleton, CA

“Joining the band at Warm Springs was one of the biggest steps I have taken in my life. This is when I began to make friends that have lasted through high school band and even still today. Not only was it fun to come to band, it was also a place to improve on my instrument. Middle school band was where I really began to appreciate instrumental music. I have never regretted joining band in middle school because it set me on the right path throughout my middle and high school years. This is where you truly create friendships and values that will last a lifetime!”

-Easton Mayordomo

“I was the new kid in 6th grade with no friends. I joined band because I heard there were a ton of kids in band and I really wanted to make friends.
So now, eight years later, Im still playing my trumpet in college and many of the kids I met on my first day in beggining band are still my best friends. Being in Band at Warm Springs was probably the best decision I have ever made. It helped me grow as a person, gave me lifelong friends, helped me discover the things that I love, and was a positive environment for me to be in as the new kid. If you”re interested in music, fun, and friends, then band is the class for you!”

-Chandler Lloyd Riley

“I”m glad I joined band because it not only helped me become a better musician, but also a better person.”

-Andrew Will

“Joining band in sixth grade at Warm Springs was one of the most important decisions I have made as a musician. Playing percussion all three years of middle school in cadet, intermediate, and symphonic band provided me with a solid foundation in the art of rhythm that I still build upon today. My band experience encouraged me to continue my music education in high school, and I was a set drummer in Vista Murrieta”s Jazz program for all four years. In the Warm Springs band program, my fellow players became lifelong friends, and through middle school and beyond we helped each other become better musicians and better people. The tremendous opportunities, performance experience, and unforgettable memories I gained from being part of the band program all stemmed from the simple act of signing up. Looking back, I am very glad I did.”

-Jake Wager