5 Reasons

5 Reason to Play in the Band

  1. Makes you Smarter
    Scientific research has proven that musical training builds intelletctual skills, raises IQs, increases spatial-temporal intelligence, improves memory, and develops creativity. As a result, children who play a musical instrument do better on average in school than those who don’t. In a recent study of SAT scores, students with education scored 53 points higher on verbal and 39 points higher on math.
  2. Teaches Discipline
    Music students learn that if they apply themselves they can master a skill and achieve results they want. Learning to play a musical instrument teaches self-discipline, the value of persistence, and the rewards of hard work. Studies have shown that students are involved in fewer discipline problems, less crime, and less substance abuse than non-musical students.
  3. Increase Self-Esteem
    Music is self-expression. Performing music in public, individually and as a member of a group, builds confidence. Making music means every musician plays a part that is important to the group.
  4. Relieves Stress
    Music helps calm the mind. It has been shown that music students experience less test- and performance-anxiety than students who do not study music. And according to studies, college-age musicians are emotionally healthier than non-musicians.
  5. Is Fun and Social
    Playing music in a group teaches teamwork, ways of working together, and the joy and rewards of group accomplishment. Band and orchestra members share efforts and experiences, and are often friends for life.